Holy Spoons

The gift of hospitality sometimes comes with food.

Wisdom Tooth Smoothies

Well I know THAT sounds appetizing! 🙂

This week Reedy Girl is going through the pains and troubles of post-wisdom tooth extraction. She’s doing OK on this the second day after her surgery, but it’s been no picnic. (Her cheeks are not quite that big, but she says it feels like it.) She is the first of our progeny to go through this rite of passage. And, since I have never had my wisdom teeth out, I don’t completely know how best to help her. Through trial and error, I’ve come up with some recipes that get two-thumbs-up from the patient. So here goes…

Each of these is meant for a tall (20 ounce) beverage glass. You need a GOOD blender or food processor. The cheapo blender I bought from the “Big Box El Cheapo Store” many, many years ago died a rather spectacular death when I attempted my first smoothie this week. Its teeny motor and plastic gears couldn’t take it. And then my “Lil Food Processor That Couldn’t” made it through one smoothie, and then gave up the ghost. So now, with a blender that has 1000 Watts (I kid you not!) I have been experimenting.

General guidelines:

– Start with the “pulse” feature to chunk up the larger pieces before blending at full power
– Scrape down the sides and move the un-mixed portion to the center of the blender jar
– Don’t be afraid to let the machine work a while. Smooth is good.
– Serve with an iced-tea spoon


1 large beverage glass of ice cubes
Fill blender to the 8 ounce line with fruit juice

Note: We’ve made this recipe with all apple juice, and then a mix of juices. The fave so far was when I added a splash of POM, a splash of grape juice and the rest  apple juice.


2 cups frozen fruit
1 large scoop vanilla ice cream
fill blender to the 8 ounce line with milk

Note: Frozen fruit keeps the drink colder longer. You could use fresh fruit but the cold temperature feels good on a sore mouth. We bought bags of mixed frozen fruit from Trader Joe’s.


1.5 cups vanilla yogurt
1 cup frozen fruit
splash of milk (if needed) to make the consistency smooth enough

Note: This was offered during the immediate post-op period during our rather disastrous attempt to use Percoset for pain management. It is not remembered with the most favor… but it might be better received now.

P.S. What kind of blender are we using? After doing some consumer research, we went with a Ninja Pro. (We didn’t buy it from Amazon but from a Big Box store for a little less $$$.) To Bearded Brewer’s delight, it has 1000 watts (!) of power. We would have loved a Vita-Mix but that wasn’t in our budget. So far, we are very happy with our li’l ninja. Oh yeah. In case you wondered, those blades are SHARP! I have two cuts on my hand from grabbing it the wrong way. 😦 The recipe book gives you enough to go on to start experimenting with your own recipes.

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