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The gift of hospitality sometimes comes with food.

Grandma’s Cookies

My Grandma Hickox was a BODACIOUS cookie baker. Well into her later years, she always had cookies on hand when grandchildren came to visit. And there were always some to take back to our apartments or college dorms. (If her cookie jar, made in the shape of a bear, was empty when we came to visit, she said it was “embarrassed” and turned it around to face the wall!)

Among my kitchen things I have her rolling pin, which seems to know how to roll out cookies and pie dough on its own. (I swear it’s magic!) I also have a small cookie sheet which has a lovely patina of her baker’s experience worked into the metal.

While she made Toll House chocolate chip cookies, the following is one of her favorite recipes, handed down to her from her mother. A special sentiment for me is that it is written in her lovely handwriting. I’ve attached photos of the card, just because.

A signature of her sugar cookies was one raisin, pressed gently into the center of the cookie before baking.

Grandma's Sugar Cookies - page 1

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies – page 1

Grandma's Sugar Cookies, page 2

Grandma’s Sugar Cookies – page 2

Grandma’s other cookie recipes are here and here.


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