Holy Spoons

The gift of hospitality sometimes comes with food.

“Once-a-Month-Cooking” series

I had on my old blog a bunch of files and instructions on “once-a-month-cooking” (OAMC). I managed to download all of those old files before Verizon, with all of its tender mercies, killed the site because our new, more expensive ISP contract with them (*coughcough FiOS*) did not include web hosting.  I’m cleaning them up and will try to post them in the coming weeks.

For the first time since our major kitchen remodel, I just completed an OAMC session. I’ve gotta say that having the 6 burner cooktop and a large countertop area made it a snap. Well. Not a snap. But nicer. In about 8 hours I made, packaged and put in the freezer:

  • 2 “lean lasagna” (made with spinach and lean ground meats)
  • 2 chicken spaghetti
  • 2 chicken enchiladas
  • 4 quarts chili con carne
  • 4 quarts chili verde
  • 8 (individual) servings chicken pot pie
  • 2 packages taco meat (um… just buy the low sodium taco meat seasoning… I do a couple of batches and freeze it so it’s ready to go.)
  • 2 baked ziti with chicken Italian sausage
  • 1 package of meatballs (enough for either a big batch of spaghetti and meatballs, or for meatball subs)
  • 12 hamburgers
  • 4 loaves garlic bread
  • 2 quarts homemade applesauce
Oh yes, I was tired. But it was a GOOD tired.
Today I am trying out two new recipes. I’ll let you know after they have gone through the family taste test.
  • basil chicken in a coconut curry sauce
  • African ground nut stew
Back to the kitchen…

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Wife, mom, sister, pastor, bereavement counselor, friend and Buckeye. I Yam what I Yam. Frequently imperfect, completely loved by the Divine, and grateful.

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